Are you stuck?

Wedged into a rut…at home… at work

Looking for the spark that will blast you out?

Have an idea of what you want but can’t get started?


You get stuck when your imagination goes dim; when you disconnect from your intuition. You get jammed up when fear gets in the way of your next step. You get caught in a rut when you lose sight of what jazzes you up.

What unsticks you is creativity.

Stay with me now.

The Encyclopedia Britannica defines creativity as “the ability to produce something new through imaginative skill”. I say it is the lens through which we look at life. Either way it’s a set of principles that can shift the way you look at your everyday life, your career, and your reason for being on this earth.

Creativity gets you unstuck. It’s how you start to find purpose and meaning. It’s how you begin moving toward that goal. It’s a portal to your imagination and enthusiasm. It’s what puts oomph into everyday living.

It’s also empowering and freeing. And that’s what I want for you! Free!Freedom so that you are able to share the fullest expression of your potential.

When you do that you are launched into a whole new world of possibility.

So, where are you on this life journey? Where do you want to be? Are you on auto-pilot?

Would you rather be steering and setting your own course? Now, that’s creative!

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